Making of Khalibali Song Of Bollywood Movie Padmaavat

Makingof Khalibali song

You can safely go around saying that Ranveer Singh is pure perfection no matter which character he takes up. You disagree?  Please think over after watching `Padmaavat` for the sheer brilliance that his magic weaves. This guy owns his art-craft too damn well!
Ranveer Singh plays a ruthless emperor in Bollywood  Movie Padmaavat ; the character has a vile yet elusive charm. This sweet nemesis is Satan incarnate himself, wrapped in magnetism and power, which seems to bring out the most demonic fascinations which will arouse you with the feeling of guilt. Ranveer Singh delivered yet another blockbuster hit of the year with the evil fierceness intact and made his way straight into our hearts, oh! Also charts. He has left no stones unturned in owning the title of the most villainous hero of all time.

"I think it was Day 37, my brain had become mush, my body had become pulp, I didn`t know when I was coming and going. The shooting process was very difficult. The final action battle with Shahid (Kapoor) was extremely difficult. Shooting Khalibali was very difficult. I could barely stand and I had to do this dance " he said in an interview.
Yesterday, T-series shared a behind the scenes video of the making of Khalibali song. The song which is choreographed by ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya has been receiving gallons of praise ever since the release of Padmaavat. Ganesh was also the choreographer for the popular “Malhari” number from Bajirao Mastani which also featured Ranveer Singh. Khilji is showcased as his darkest and wicked best in this song, all thanks to Ranveer’s dedication and grit and Ganesh’s picturesque choreography.

In the making video of the Khalibali song in Padmaavat, Ranveer is practicing, again and again, to get his steps right. From every direction, this song which celebrates Khilji’s obsession is done perfectly, with choreography, expressions, and emotions falling in the right place. No doubt “Khalibali” played a pivotal part in cementing the crazy ferocious image of Alauddin Khilji in the audience’s mind adding more flavor to his character.

The song features the savage sultan dancing and merrymaking in the most carnal way, with his troops. A restless Alauddin Khilji eagerly awaits the arrival of  Padmavati and orders a celebration. Reason? Sultan is lust-smitten. One feels that probably this is how Khilji might be in real life! If you don`t call that amount of convincing power as brilliance, I don`t know how you define excellence! Now that you witnessed the madness, let`s watch the final product!

One of the most scenic songs “Khalibali” certainly deserves a galore of awards this year. With this, Sanjay Leela Bhansali adds another quaint masterpiece to his list of hits which includes “Dola Re Dola”, “Nimboda”, “Deewani Mastani”, “Malhari” among others.

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