Latest Bollywood News | Not Akshay Kumar nor Aamir Khan then who did Gulshan Kumar Biopic

Rumors are not going to end with Gulshan Kumar Biopic. For many days it was rumored that superstar Aamir Khan is going to produce Mughal. He will also start his 1000 crores of Mahabharata. However, Aamir Khan Spokesman has made a statement that Aamir has not signed any film at the moment and is working on any film. Aamir wants to put his full attention on the upcoming Bollywood movie Thugs of India only.
Not only that, but the name of Aamir Khan was also linked to Osho Biopic. But the spokesperson has said that Aamir Khan does not have any projects except the Thugs of Hindustan. They have not signed any biopic sign.

Tell us, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Fatima Sana Sheikh and Katrina starrer Thugs of Hindustan Diwali will be released in 2018. Aamir will announce another project only after this. So, it is clear that Aamir is not connected to Gulshan Kumar biopic.

Bhushan Kumar had signed Akshay Kumar for the film. The announcement was made with the poster of the film.
But Akshay had trouble paying his fees and the story of the film and he had told Bhushan that. But Bhushan used to ignore it. So even after signing, Akshay left the film.

Then the name of Aamir Khan was added to the movie. It was reported that Aamir is co-producing this film. Also play the main role.
Then Bhushan's statement came out that my father's biopic was the largest annuity of my life. We will soon announce the lead actor for Mughal and it can also be a big star from Akshay Kumar.

What was then... Immediately the name of Salman Khan was added to the movie. It was rumored that Aamir will produce the film... and Salman is the main character..
According to the latest Bollywood news, Akshay Kumar is very upset about these things, and in the coming years no more T-Series films will be signed. Let's say Akshay has also returned his fees to TCR. At the same time, some sources say Akshay now has gone ahead of this film, and now he has no meaning with this biopic.


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